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The TODAY Show asked Dr. Will about postpartum depression in dads and provided this in-depth, informative coverage. View Article

The Stir
Dr. Courtenay talks with The Stir at CafeMom about what couples should know about a dad's postpartum depression. View Article

ABC News
Although this story focuses on the claims of one Broadway producer, it covers lots of information from Dr. Will about postpartum depression in dads. View Article

USA TOday - WIll Courtenay
USA Today's special fall magazine "Guide to Men's Health" features an interview with Dr. Courtenay about men's postpartum depression Ė including preliminary findings from his research with over 4,000 new fathers. View Article

Quo Magazine
En Espanol, nueva revista historia, "Depresion Posparto Masculina." View Article

As many as 1 in 4 fathers suffers from paternal postnatal depression, says Dr. Will Courtenay. All the more reason to watch for these red flags. View Article

"Even trained clinicians are less likely to correctly diagnose depression in men than in women," explains Will Courtenay, Ph.D. View Article

"If a man can't seek help for himself, he should at least do it for his kids," says Courtenay. View Article

"A father’s depression can also have a negative impact on the child’s emotional and behavioral development, says Courtenay." View Article

"Paternal postnatal depression is not a life sentence. People do recover," assures Courtenay. View Article

"Get couples counseling to address any relationship issues and try to find sources of social support before the baby arrives, Courtenay suggests." View Article

Newsweek - Will Courtenay
"An expert on why fathers can also become depressed after the birth of a child, and what couples can do about it." View Article

CNN - Will Courtenay
“Each day in the U.S., 1,000 new dads become depressed, and according to some studies that number is as high as 3,000.” View Article

Los Angeles Times
"Marital dissatisfaction, financial stress and having a sick or colicky baby could increase the risk of depression in one or both partners, said Courtenay" View Article

Wall Street Journal
"Trying to 'nip this in the bud or prevent' depression is key." View Article

USA TOday - WIll Courtenay
"Symptoms of depression in men also may not be obvious, Courtenay says." View Article

Good Morning America
"As many as one in four new dads may experience what's called parental postnatal depression, and the problem can be more than just psychological, Courtenay said" View Article

"The cultural myth that men don't get depressed also communicates to men that they shouldn't get depressed" View Article

Scientific American
"All these hormonal changes and neurochemical changes in the brain due to sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on a man." View Article

The Globe and Mail
“Because there isn’t any public discussion about it, most men don’t know to identify what they’re going through as being depression.” View Article

The Gazette
"All of those hormonal changes, along with the neurochemical changes that occur in the brain with sleep deprivation, probably come together and create this perfect storm." View Article

Huffington Post
"Dr. Will Courtenay . . . exposed me to an equally comforting and alarming point: I was not alone." View Article

Chicago Tribune
According to Will Courtenay . . . as many as one in four new dads experience symptoms such as stress, irritability and anger in the days, weeks and even months after the birth of a child. View Article

"Just like women, Courtenay says men can experience a chemical change in their body after their child is born." View Article

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